A film by Ernesto Quintero

A Sacred Journey

My family consists of eight individuals, four boys, two girls and our parents.  We hold general meetings and each of us alternate 
in taking care of Juan nightly. Along our professional careers, we are all advocates promoting ALS awareness in one form or another.
Our father Roberto is presently trying to acquire a bed for an ALS patient in his hometown Autlan, Jalisco, MX. My mother sold her
30-year flower business to take care of Juan and most recently graduated from nursing assistant school. 
It is clear that ALS has affected all of us as individuals and as a family. Thankfully so, we are taking something potentially disastrous
and we are turning it into blessings.

Fernando & Juan

Alejandra Quintero

Roberto Quintero, Jr.

Ricardo Quintero

Micaela Quintero

Roberto Quintero

Rebecca Quintero

Ernesto Quintero

Juan Quintero

The Cast

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